Contemporary diamond and gold designs for everyday luxury. Kate features a light, delicate look that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. Many styles come in white, yellow, and rose gold for a complete complimentary wardrobe.
, Manno features solid 14k gold with broad stretches of diamonds and the simplest designers' touch. White, champagne, and black diamonds are handsomely set to create designs for today's sophisticated man.

(Modernized Classics)
Halos will always be loved for their elegant exaggeration of its brilliant center. Shy Creation took the single halo and stacked, curved and graduated it until a new look was born. Then added rubies and sapphires for a splash of precious color. Introducing the Eden Collection, the prettiest twist on the classic halo.
The Eternal collection features 14-karat gold design with comfort fit mounting caressing the finger as it is worn. Every model can be produced for most diamond shapes and sizes.

18 karat gold wraps the finger with exquisite and beautiful style. Each model is set with magnificent diamonds shapes that accentuate the center stone. Cadillac cuts are featured on many of the styles and trapezoids in others. Each create an intense reflection enhancing the brilliance of the center stone.
For those looking for the maximum amount of brilliance, the Stella Collection features a fluted bezel design encircling every diamond in a ring of radiance and shine.

Shy’s Forever Collection, features a classic lineup of delicate, vintage-inspired engagement rings and bands. The intricate design element of filigree is what gives these rings a unique, yet feminine aesthetic.  Inspired by the Greeks, this ancient art form gives jewelry a wonderfully lacy look.  As antique rings are a timeless style, the exquisite, two-tone designs of the Forever Collection are perfect.

Larger-than-life looking diamond rings are what make the Con Amor Collection so exquisite. Made ‘con amor’, these beautifully shaped rings will sparkle for an eternity. Diamond cluster settings are an everlasting style and this collection holds true. These glittering gifts of love feature gleaming, cleverly twisted bands crowned by a shimmering cluster of brilliant diamonds.

Just as its wearer, the Lula Collection symbolizes strength and beauty.  These radiant diamond bridal sets incorporate charmingly shaped cluster diamonds and coordinating diamond bands.  Lula Collection pieces have a sweet and shining look that captivates the spirit of the modern day bride.
Diamond enthusiasts rejoice at this collection of captivating showstoppers. Powerful and stunning designs come to life with glittering white diamonds and solid 18k gold. Glittara is glamor and extravagance, with bold designs to suit every jewelry collector.

Shy Creation specialty, our famous fancy yellow diamond collection is the industry's leading source of finished yellows. Our colored diamonds glow with pride in quality and craftsmanship. As colored diamonds are on the rise, we encourage all our customers to incorporate our famous fancy yellow creations in to their collections.
Shy's Art Deco Collection, inspired by the design style of the 1920s, features clean, geometric shapes with bold color accents. Sparkling white diamonds contrast with rich rubies and sapphires to create a sleek design embodying beauty and strength.

Featuring elegant fancy colored and sliced diamonds set in 18k and 14k gold, this collection showcases sophisticated craftsmanship and truly unique stones. Brilliant color and design bring these hand made creations to life and luminate their wearer. Lumina provides that unique and extraordinary look so many jewelry connoisseurs dream of.